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Trunojoyo No. 60
Bandung 40115
West Java, Indonesia

Phone : +62-22-4234494
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Java Auction, initially organized an event in 2004, was formed in Bandung, Indonesia, with the goal of organized an international auction of numismatic and other collectible hobbies, named Java Auction, and managing memorable events and help clients to effectively promote their messages. With at least 10 years of collective working experience in the management, events, media, and advertising industries, we set to design and organize events for our clients that help them achieve their targets best

As an continuously event, Java Auction, held twice a year in february and july - august in Jakarta, Indonesia. We get many collectible goods, such as banknotes, coinages, medals, tokens, stamps, postcards, postal stationeries, phonecards, maps, books, prints, photographs, old documents, bonds, and antiquarians from the collectors from around the world, organize it, and sell to everybody in the world.

We also handle every aspect of Exhibition Event, Trade-Show, Meeting, Seminar, Conference, Convention or Congress Event, and any other types of corporate event from program planning, sourcing of entertainer to show production.

With today's market competitiveness, we recognised the need to produce more cost-effective events, yet still competitive. Our solution was to provide integrated business services, such as, design, production, and consultation, in addition to event planning and management. We provides excellent service, creative concept, develop new method, strategies, technique and to successfully fulfill our client's unique requirement.

Java Auction will be a leading company in organizing quality, unique and cost-effective events. With the constant introduction of new trends, and with the integrated business solutions we provide, we strive to provide our clients with the best service they can except.


Java Auction provides a broad range of services, includes :

  • Promotional Concept Proposal

  • Destination Management

  • Arrangement, Booking and Securing Suitable Venue

  • Venue Set up and Decoration

  • Design of Backdrop and Staging

  • Logistic Arrangement and Coordination

  • Programme Planning

  • Advertising, Marketing and Promotions (Public Event)

  • Design, Printing and Distribution of Flyers

  • Provide Manpower such as Crew, Promoter and Coordinator

  • Product Display and Exhibition

  • Corporate Hospitality

  • Post Event Activities

  • Costing and budgeting


Java Auction takes great pride in understanding the dynamic business issues of our customers, specifically their goals and objectives, and the message that they want to convey to their audiences. Our mission as a strategic partner is to provide exceptional event management services that ensure effective communication between our customers and their key audiences.

All employees are empowered through the rule in order to provide exceptional customer service to all whom we work with.

Java Auction recognizes that the key to our success is our employees - they are the cornerstones of our company. As a result of placing an emphasis on the quality of people who work for Java Auction, we have created a dynamic environment that is full of energy, fun, and excitement, as well as community minded and fiscally responsible. The work ethic reflected by the company is progressive enough to motivate our employees to strive for excellence in the work they do, yet relaxed enough to make each person feel comfortable in their surroundings. We try very hard to achieve this balance.


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