Bidding Methods

There are several bid methods available in our auction:

1.    Floor Bids          : Bid in person during the auction.

2.    Mail Bids           : You can send us your mail bid form in time either by mail, fax or email.

3.    Online catalog     : To bid in the online catalog, you must first register at, and you can bid as a mail bid and receive a confirmation email.

4.    Live bidding       : We offer the ability to bid over the internet in real-time as if you were in the auction room.


Live Bidding at

These conditions are in addition to and subject the same law and our standard terms and conditions of sale. Registered members are welcome to join the Live Bidding by participating in this Live Bidding and you acknowledge that you are bound by the Auction's Terms applicable in the relevant sale and by these additional Conditions. Our live bidding service can be used for free of charge.

Your advantages

  •          Bid in real-time over the internet as if you were in the auction room.
  •         Use an internet-connected computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone at home, at work, or anywhere else in the world.
  •         The option to hear and see the auctioneer.
  •         As the lots are sold in the room, they will appear on the screen of your device.

Please Note

  •          You will need an account to bid using LIVE BID.
  •         To participate in LIVE BID, you must register as soon as possible prior to the auction date to avoid any delays and get an approval.
  •         Registered member interested in participating in Live Bidding must register separately for each auction.
  •         You need to agree to our terms and conditions. Please read them carefully!
  •        The price on LIVE BID excluded a 18% premium. A 18% premium will be added to the hammer price or winning bid of each lot. This charge will be added to all Java Auction invoices.
  •       The records generated by the Java Auction's system shall be regarded as an absolute evidence for determining the winning Bidder in the event of any disputes that may arise with the sales agreement that was realized at the auction. All bidders must abide by this decision, which is final.
  •       JAVA AUCTION CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE IF THERE IS AN ERROR during the bidding process or the entry of bids performed by you, such as a loss of internet connection or problem with the computer or other device used. Each bidder must make sure that their bid is on the right lot and that it is what they intended.



             You can create an account by registering on our website and you will receive an email confirming of your registration.


             Register for the auction in which you would like to participate. You will receive an approval email of your participation.

        3.  CREDIT LIMIT

             Java Auction require a credit limit in Live Bidding. Your credit limit is the balance used to bid on live bidding. Each successful

             bid reduces your credit limit. You cannot bid again if you have used all of your credit limits or if your remaining credit limit is

             insufficient for the next lot you want to bid on. If you want to increase your limit, please let us know ahead of time so that you

             don't lose the ability to bid if your maximum is reached.

        4.  BID LIVE

             Login and bid live online!



Please contact us at for further information